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Let's start with some astonishing statistics. These aren't your run-of-the-mill boring statistics - these are really scary - no, truly frightening statistics.

UK population
Working population*
Total NHS staff
*those actually working

To put it simply, 43 out of every 1000 UK jobs (4.3%) are with the NHS. This makes the NHS the third largest non-military employer in the world after Walmart (1.9 million) and Indian Railways (1.6 million).

Even more scary is the fact that whilst Indian Railways employs about 0.16% of all Indians, and Walmart (in the US) employs about 0.42% of Americans, the NHS employs over 2.1% of the entire UK population.

Or to put it another way, those running the NHS are not only responsible for looking after the nation's health, but also have a huge effect on our ability to create a prosperous nation (we need healthy citizens to produce national income) and on the vast amount of our money that they spend on our behalf.

Toss in the fact that most (if not all) government decisions concerning the NHS are made to win votes (you didn't think they are made to help patients did you?) and it's easy to see why the way our NHS is run is absolutely vital to each and every one of us.

Because most of us look to the NHS for the majority, if not all, of our healthcare requirements, we must make its management our concern.

Do you really think the NHS is well run?

Most of you will know at least one person who works for the NHS - ask them!

Then take a look around NHSBlog and get involved in trying to improve the NHS.

Don't sit back
Take an interest
Help to shape your NHS
Have your say
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If you sympathise with, or simply enjoy NHSBlog, please add a link to us from your site or email us to swap links