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Reducing cholesterol levels the NHS way
posted: Friday February 27th, 2009

Today I had to drive my wife to our GP because her wrist, badly broken about eight weeks ago, was still causing her a lot of discomfort - enough to keep her awake at night.

So we were by the phone at 8.30 sharp, redial at the ready, to make an appointment later in the day. No problem - we requested and got an appointment for late in the afternoon and duly turned up on the dot. After a short (5 minute) wait my wife was called in to see her GP. It was no surprise things went smoothly, it's an excellent group-practice; a good example of everything we can reasonably expect from the NHS.

Whilst my wife was with the doctor I spent the next few minutes watching a wide-screen PowerPoint presentation on how to reduce your cholesterol levels by eating less fat.

If you read a few articles on this Blog you will understand that my opinion of those who run the NHS is not that great - to be honest I think they are, in the main, a bunch of unprofessional arseholes with little experience of the real world; aparatchiks of the ineffective kind.

Imagine then my surprise to find that someone had put together a simple, punchy and effective little presentation on what foods to avoid, replete with wonderful pictures of the offending foods; pictures fit for a glossy cookbook in fact.

'Eat Less Cheese' screamed one of the slides showing a cheese-board to die for - literally in this case of course. I sat drooling at a series of wonderfully photographed plates of fish and chips, fried eggs etc. High class culinary pornography indeed.

My reveries were interrupted by my wife, clutching a prescription for painkillers and wanting to go straight home.

No chance - she had to endure a quick detour to Tesco for a Camembert, buttery crackers, a dozen large eggs and two packs of bacon to go with the chips I intend to cook in goose fat. All stuff we seldom have in the house.

So for once I take my hat off to NHS management for producing something totally effective, something that really works.

Pity they got it the wrong way round.

What a load of incompetent tossers.

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The NHS attempts to discourage cheese-lovers by featuring orgasmically perfect pictures of
their weakness!



If you sympathise with, or simply enjoy NHSBlog, please add a link to us from your site or email us to swap links